red face

Red faces

One of a row of such faces before the Old Tower. I wonder who he was modelled on.


  1. A contrast to yesterday's but equally interesting

  2. Hopefully nobody. :-) gabi

  3. Hmm, looks like he had too much beer.

  4. That stone thingy has a hideous face and an unfinished body. It looks quite sinister! I guess it was used for a terrifying purpose.

  5. This is quite interesting! How many and how old are they?

  6. A chubby man with no arms I guess. ;-}

  7. Thanks for the comments.

    flyingstars: Thanks.

    Joan Elizabeth: Variety is the spice of life.

    Gabi: Not someone you would like to meet?

    Martina: No coincidence, then, that he is only metres away from the Abbey Brewery.

    Buenos Aires: Maybe, he was meant to encourage the workers to do their quota of quartz grinding. Maybe, he lost his arms when he did not fulfill his quota.

    JM: There were about five old rusty bits of machinery in the bushes. Not all were of this form. I have no idea of their age. Next time I go to Mettlach, I will visit the ceramics exhibition. Maybe, I will be wiser then.

    Don and Krise: Now immortalised.

    ical: I am not sure how to judge his expression at all. Vacantly drunk might be the best description.