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Pirates in the waves

Public open air swimming pools are extremely popular in the Summer in Germany. The Schwarzenbergbad, the main open air pool in Saarbrücken, has just had a wall painted with a colourful mural. I assume that an an artist was contracted to paint it, but judging by the Graffiti Mile down by the Saar, I think there are plenty of good artists that would do it just for fun.


  1. I have always nixed fellings as far as graffiti and murals are concerned. OK, the one here is superb, sometimes they are really little masterpieces, but quite often it's pure vandalism.
    Anyway, I like the one here - it's funny:)

  2. Haha, pirates in Saarbrücken... I think many walls gain in value and improve by graffiti.

  3. Fantastic graffiti! These look like the waves on old japanese paintings!

  4. Yes, nthing what JM said about the waves ... in combination with the pirates this looks very .... strange ;-)

  5. Beautiful painting. I love stuff like this. It looks like the pirates are in trouble with the Lochness Monster.

  6. Thanks for the comments.

    joo: My caption might have been a bit misleading. This is obviously an officially sanctioned mural, not wanton graffiti. But given that the swimming pool is in constant financial trouble and that there are plenty of gifted wall painters in the town, I imagined it might have been done more for fun than profit.

    BA Photoblog: By amazing coincidence, I have just read that they founded a Pirate Party in Saarbrücken on the same day.

    JM: It is a shame that we do not have these tentacle-like waves in the pool itself.

    Martina: Sicher interessanter als noch ein Bild von Käpt'n Blaubär.

    Denise Jelonek: Proof that the monster exists! At least in our imagination.

  7. Yeah, I heard of them. They are a big success in Sweden. Great Movement!

  8. Nice graff, do you no the name of the artist?

  9. Buenos Aires Photoblog: They have a jokey image, and will probably never find mass appeal without a makeover, but the issues they raise are very serious.

    Caçador: I will ask next time I visit.