miner, statue

Miner in the setting sun

The statue was erected in 1956 to commemorate a hundred years of mining at the Saint Charles pits in Petite Rosselle. They can add another half a century to that now.


  1. If this statue were built here I would say it was soc - realism! It seems it's high time to visit this part of France and Germany!

  2. Impressive sculpture and great composition, the picture looks very sharp for a cam phone!

  3. What kind of rock did they mine? Colorado also has a huge history of mining camps and ghost mining towns. I also noticed that this miner has nice sculpted abs unless I'm just seeing things...

  4. On pourrait dire que c'est le classique du socréalisme ;)
    Tiens, Joo a dit la même chose... on voit bien que le socréalisme a marqué nos notions esthétiques ;)

  5. interesante statut ici ont a rien de ci imposant pour sur jaime bien la prise de vue

  6. Thanks for all the comments.

    That is the chicken: I think that was the idea.

    joo: I guess that in certain circles in the 1950's that style was popular in France too.

    Carraol: on sunny days the cam phone is just perfect.

    Denise Jelonek: They are mainly coal mines in this area which straddles the border ─ with important pits in Lorraine, France and Saarland, Germany. To the North of Saarbrücken, in Idar-Oberstein they also mine gemstones ─ agate and jasper. As for the abs, I guess that is what spending your days hewing coal gives you.

    Ada: très classique. On verra comment sera la statue pour le bicentennaire.

    yann: ici il y en a très peu. Pour ça il faut qu'on les prenne en photo.