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Oskar kann's - Oskar can do it

Oskar Lafontaine is currently the most famous face to come from Saarland. He narrowly missed becoming Chancellor -- losing to Helmut Kohl in 1990 and being Finance Minister and party chariman in the following SPD government. He resigned from his minister's post and later quit the SPD to head a new party, die Linke (the Left). On Sunday there are elections in Lafontaine's home state, where he remains personally popular. Then we shall see if Oskar still can do it.


  1. Interesting photo and story. The name "OSKAR" is the name of a dog whose master publishes a blog by that name. So it was a surprise when I first got here.

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  2. Thanks for coming by our Daily photo blog. I like yours very much. I will add you to our reading list.

  3. C'est donc lui! :) Dans ce cas-la ce n'est pas l'un des triplés Kaczyński - les deux autres ne lui auraient jamais permis de se situer a gauche de la scene politique ;)

  4. Is there an european poll in Germany as well this week end ??
    Anyway Oskar Lafontaine is quite corageous. Don't know what will become Die Linke but he wil certainly win the election for the head of his Land.

  5. Ada: c'est vrais le triplé eventuel n'a pas la même couleur politique.

    AuroreG: there are elections at local and European level on Sunday, but not at the Land level. So despite the poster, Oskar is not actually up for election, just his party. It will still be an important barometer for the Linke and their leader.