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Staden fleurie

Has Saarbrücken become part of France again?

Addendum: I see my comment might be a bit cryptic. Saarbrücken has passed between French and German (or Prussian) hands several times. Between 1797 and 1815, it was actually part of France and, between 1945 and 1955, it was a French-run protectorate. Currently, it is very much part of Germany and pretty much monolingual. That makes this sign surprising. It is in French and says: “Flowery Staden (a part of Saarbrücken). National Council of Wild Public Gardens”. I think this French council does not exist, but it would appear to have awarded Staden a three flower rating.


  1. Esto me lo tendrás que explicar...qué dice el cartel?

  2. Remei: Ya he puesto una explicación en inglés. Espero que lo entiendas.

  3. Interesting story! Fortunately, Japan has not experienced to be a part of other country except Okinawa. I am curious who post this. Someone made a practical joke???

  4. snowwhite: I think the explanation for the sign is as follows. The flowers under the trees do not look official. I think they are an example of guerrilla gardening. Moreover, the guerrilla gardeners seem to be a humorous bunch and they decided to award themselves a similar award to that found in neighbouring French Sarreguemines, which is full of official flowers.

  5. I saw this sign today on my way to work - tried to google it and your blog came up. Now I'm browsing and enjoying the nice pictures!