Babbling brook

At the end of a winter's day.


  1. Nice pic... looks like you could fill up a bottle of fresh mountain water without worrying about the usual polution.

    Thanks also for your comments AB!

    The giant in your picture and the couple in my pic could the work of the same artist. They look very similar indeed. And I've been to the same place in Berlin... that giant is much too big for the little courtyard he's standing in.

    Anyway, to answer your other question...
    It's quite easy: All you need are some clouds in the sky. The yellow / orange light of the Port of Hamburg may be around 5 miles south of where I took this picture, but it's enough to light up the clouds. the effect is enhanced by the long exposure. If you set the white balance from "automatic" to "sunlight", you get some gorgeous shades of orange, red, and yellow, too.

    These are the lights I'm talking about:


    especially in winter time you'll some really surreal photographs such as this one

    Have a nice weekend

  2. Thanks for the comments.

    Randy: Thanks.

    Dominic Doherty: The stream is not far away from the spa water fountain (2011-02-17). So, perhaps it has the same wondrous properties.

    Thanks for the info on your photos. It seems like Hamburg is a photogenic city.