Brennender Berg - Burning Mountain

We heard about the abundant Dutweiler coal mines, the iron and alum plants, and even about a burning mountain, and made preparations to see this nearby wonder….We entered a gorge and found ourselves in the vicinity of the burning mountain. We were enveloped by a strong sulphur smell; one side of the cave was almost glowing, and covered with reddish, white-roasted rock. Dense steam arose from the crevices and we could feel the hot ground even through the thick soles of our shoes.
              ––– Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, who visited the Brennender Berg in 1770.

The fire from a smouldering coal seam has died down somewhat in the intervening 200 years but there is still some heat and occasional smoke.


  1. i could almost feel its texture.
    i think JWG described it just about right. ^-^

  2. Very interesting colours, I like it! :)
    Cool post!

  3. Las texturas y los tonos son magníficos, la profundidad sobrecoge, ¿es una cueva?
    Un abrazo, un gusto volver por tu bolg

  4. Thanks for the comments.

    Irina: Спасибо.

    arabesque: Salamat.

    Cezar and Léia: Obrigado.

    Ángel: Gracias. Es más bien un cañon. En la época de Goethe esta piedra ardía. Estaba rojo con el calor y echaba mucho humo. Despues de
    200 años todavía arde un poco.

    Martina: And only a few metres away.

  5. I like the colors and that's for the information on the history part of this cave.

  6. That is so fascinating! And quite scary too.