Ramblers' stone
Walkers from 26 countries all over Europe participated in the year 2000-2001 in a series of events to highlight the importance of walking throughout Europe. The Euro Rally was organised by the European Ramblers Association and aimed to unite walkers throughout Europe, highlighting the enormous potential of walking as a healthy, environmentally – friendly and economically-beneficial activity.This event culminated in a symposium in the European Parliament in Strasbourg, to raise the profile of walking, bringing it to the attention of Brussels policy makers, and gaining support and action on important walking issues.
            —— EURORANDO 2011

The stone is within 90km rambling distance of Strasbourg.


  1. I imagine it was a "randonnée"?

  2. Rambling is not a word we use, we call is bush walking.

  3. Interesting concept and it sounds successful.

  4. wow.. que interesante... tengo un amigo aleman que esta de visita en mexico en casa de mis papas,en una de esa me regreso con el para visitar tanta cosa hermosa de por alla... se antoja.