L'usine Solvay

Soda ash plant. This plant looks relatively new, but the site seems to be older, perhaps dating back to the 1860s when the Belgian Ernest Solvay first discovered how to make soda ash.


  1. Hard to believe you take such lovely photos with a phone... brilliant.

  2. Unusual colours for a plant, aren't they?

  3. Thanks for the comments.

    joo: I guess it is not the only chemical plant in the world.

    Joan Elizabeth: Because the Solvay process recycles its ammonia, it consumes only brine and limestone, and has calcium chloride as its only waste product. This made it substantially more economical than the Leblanc process, and it soon came to dominate world sodium carbonate production. By 1900, 90% of sodium carbonate was produced by the Solvay process.
           ––– Sodium carbonate - Wikipedia

    Allison: You have to believe me. Only a phone.

    Martina: Deutsche Telekom will be suing.