franco-german garden, waterfall

Former waterfall

Sometime in the last 50 years, the water dried up.


  1. Parece la alfombra por la que debes bajar...fantastico el color, el sendero que baja...un abrazo

  2. 啊?那是法德公园吗?比较像西德公园哦!

  3. 1ondoncalling: 对,那是法德公园,设计好像巴塞羅那的。

  4. Surprising that it was once a waterfall ... looks like a path.

  5. whatever happen to it, it looks vacant and not well maintained.
    a pity, it could've been a gr8 sight.
    nice angle and shot though! ^0^
    ps: surprised you replied in chinese, are you? ^-^

  6. My first thought when I saw this photo was earthquake. Great job!!

  7. hello... hapi blogging... have a nice day! just visiting here....

  8. Beautiful! It's pity that the water isn't there!!

  9. Hm, this must have been great - sad that there is no more water ... the mosaic is really cool.

  10. Es la bandera de Argentina!!!!!! :DDD

    No me dijiste de donde sos AB!

    y si, se ven los programas blanquinegros!! :D

  11. Thanks for the comments.

    Catarina: Gracias.

    Frank de Jol: Thanks.

    Joan Elizabeth: On the day of the photo, I went on a guided tour of the gardens. So, I can tell you that is is definitely a 100%, bona fide former water fall.

    arabesque: It is bit sad that they could not maintain the gardens as they were in 1960, but I think that may be typical for garden shows.

    I am trying to learn Chinese. It is something of a challenge. I see in your blog of your China trip that you use a few Chinese characters, too. 你也说汉语吧?

    Gallow: Yes, maybe it was straight fifty years ago.

    Hapi: Thanks.

    Petra Mafalda: Who knows, maybe one day it will be restored to its former glory.

    Martina: Yup, I guess it probably was great. Do you know where I can get a time machine?

    Helena RH+: Es un jardín de cooperación franco-alemána. Evidentamente para no pelearse usaban la bandera Argentina.

    De dónde soy?! Es que quieres saber todos mis secretos?