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  1. Im Wald liegen ja im Moment sehr viel Holzstämme herum. Mich faszinieren immer die "Holzzeichnungen". Der rechte mit seiner dunklen Zeichnung sieht sehr interessant aus.

  2. ...ímpresionante!!!. Tiene que tener un diámetro algo expectacular.
    Un saludo.

  3. Sadly moment.. a Tree is death

  4. These look huge. Lots of logging going on around Saarland.

  5. Can you see a bat/frog on the first log in the front?

    And can you see an alien face on the second one?!!?

    (Both hidden in the centre.)

  6. Those are enormous trees!!

  7. Thanks for the comments.

    Cerstin: Mir hatten auch die schönen Muster des Holzes gefallen. Wie londoncalling bemerkt hat: da ist bestimmt eine Fledermaus im rechten Stück Holz.

    Fernando Gonzalez Seral: Engañé un poco con la perspectiva. Son de un tamaño normal - como 60cm de diámetro.

    Petra Mafalda: And furniture is born! There are plenty of woods left in Saarland. More trees will grow.

    Gerald (Hyde DP): Thanks.

    Andreea: Yes, the seem to have been logging in these woods anyway. Then came Xynthia and the building of an extension to the sport school here.

    1ondoncalling: I can see both. Is this a message from another dimension.

    Renee: I cheated with the perspective. They are pretty normal size trees - the same that are lying down and standing up in 2010-03-26.

  8. 哈哈,有可能!

  9. a veces cuando veo tus fotos.. me parece como si caminara contigo por algunos lados.
    esta definitivamente esta como para detenerse y observarla un rato mas.