rust, snow, metal

Rust in the snow


  1. Rusty stuff with interesting shapes likes this always interests me. I've got a series with plenty of it coming up in SW soon.

  2. Rust, rust, rust. :-) Do you know what this is? Some kind of pipeline? What for? Questions over questions :-)

  3. Cool industrial rusty stuff. The things good photos are made from.

  4. Thanks for the comments.

    Joan Elizabeth: I have a batch of rusty metal coming up, too. The day after this shot I went to a techncial museum.

    Martina: I read the plaque once years ago. Now, I have totally forgotten what it is. You could take a trip to Kaiserslautern campus to satisfy your curiosity.

    Don and Krise: It did seem to be asking to be photographed.

  5. Hm I thought of an axle (perhaps of a lorry?) - but with your always interesting use of perspective I can't really tell the size ... .
    Hey, you got a new design, I like it!