The West Curve

Kaiserslautern is small in size (less than 100,000 inhabitants), but big in football. In the photo, you see a massive banner wishing Ottmar Walter, a former player, a happy 65th 86th birthday. The impressive new stadium itself is named after his brother Fritz Walter, a national football legend.

Atmosphere. Tradition. Football.


  1. Kaiserslautern is a fantastic club, with great supporters

  2. I know them since I was a child, they played a Romanian team back in 82/83 during the UEFA cup. I remember the communists were too cheap to buy the game for tv so we had to listen to it on the radio.
    Impressive stadium.

  3. It was for Ottmar's 86th birthday

  4. Thanks for the comments.

    Collart Thierry: Yes, great club, great suppoerters. Good that they seem to be set to go up this season.

    Andreea: Yes, they rebuilt the stadium for the world cup in 2006, almost bankrupting the club and city. But it is impressive.

    escofield: Oops, thanks for the correction.