metal tentacles, stadttheater, theatre

Theatre through metal

Yet another view of the state theatre, this time with more tentacles.


  1. Wonderful sculpture, very modern.
    I will love to visit this Theater someday.

  2. ahora cuando veo estructuras artesanales hechas con algun metal, invarialemente me vienen a la mente tu o tu blog como lo quieras ver, no soy buena encontrandoles el angulo adecuado y mejor solo las admiro.
    muy buena toma!

    un besote!

  3. Interesting sculpture. It almost looks like a large ribcage.

  4. LOL - I waited your Fastnacht series to end (not much I have to say and comment about Fastnacht ... ;-)). This is really a nice one - a typical unusual AB perspective that I like so much.

  5. I really like the composition of this one. Captures both the artwork and building well.

  6. This looks very similar to Bailey Hall at Cornell University. I wonder if it's the same architect.

  7. Que lindo teatro y la escultura me encanta! se fusiona muy bien con lo que la rodea, es muy organica!

  8. Thanks for the comments.

    Cezar and Léia: It is not so far away. Here is the program in French. But, I think you have lots of good theatres in Luxembourg and Metz has plenty to offer, especially with the new Centre Pompidou.

    Sonia: Gracias. Pienso que tus composiciones son muy buenas. Encuentras muy bien tú los ángulos.

    Renee: Yes, it does, indeed, look like a ribcage. Even more so when you can see the whole strucutre. The remains of a metallic dinosaur?

    Martina: And I was waiting for a Mainzer's comment on the Fastnacht scenes. As they are the experts!

    Joan Elizabeth: Thanks.

    Gallow: The architect of this theatre was actually Baumgarten (German Wikipedia page), one of Hitler's favourites.

    Helena RH+: Gracias.

    Andreea: Mulţumesc.

  9. Fassenacht is the one time where it is obvious that I was not born in Mainz ;-)