Chocolaterie, salon de thé

We end our photographic tour of Sarreguemines with a cup of tea in elegant French surroundings.


  1. Another astounding shot. I was so taken with the clarity of this I had to check out the specifics of the cam you're using.

    I smiled when I read it has a Zeiss lens. Figures.

    I'm also thinking you have a very steady hand.

    All in all, an impressive collection of photographs which not only are a testament to the phonecam you're using, but your own incredible talent.

    I'm loving this series. Truly.

  2. Elegant place, it's a cute composition!
    Have a great Friday!

  3. Now sitting around places having afternoon tea is one of my favourite things in life. Being transported to elegant French surroundings even better.

  4. Beautiful shot, a composition in browns and beige Oh well, and white. Salons de the are very popular in Bucharest too (surprisingly for a city of heavy smokers).

  5. Beautiful shot!Great composition.

  6. A perfect way to end and a pleasant photo. I was hoping to go to Paris and Normandy on my next trip but now I'm interested in Sarreguemines although I doesn't look like it would be easy to get to.

    Thanks for your nice comment on my Newtown blog.
    You said:
    "Wow! How did the photographer get up there! Great shot"
    I simply walked up there. :)
    I took the picture last week from the pier at Newport beach California. I was hoping that the photo would make it seem like I was flying with the bird.

  7. although tea isn;t the usual thing here, as oppose to coffee, personally, i'm more of a tea person. ^0^ in fact, while posting this comment, i'm sipping my fave jasmine tea. ^0^
    oh! good shot btw!

  8. So ein schönes Stillleben, macht Lust auf heiße Schokolade.

  9. Bonita composición y fotografía...un abrazo

  10. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!! quiero te y chocolate!!!!!