day after, fireworks

Day 1, 2010


  1. Esplendida composicion, los colores de la fiesta! Feliz Año y un abrazo.

  2. Wow, what a cool photo! It's one of the best (too me at last) I have seen on this blog. What a start into the New Year!

  3. What a cool image! Have a happy 2010!

  4. Great idea, great picture!
    Happy New Year!

  5. The remnants of the party... Fantastic angle!

  6. Yuk ... but at least it looks like they had a good party ... nice follow up from NYE ... different from the fireworks.

  7. C'est pourquoi je prefere d'habitude "le jour avant" ;) "Le jour apres" il n'y a plus rien a attendre et puis il faut nettoyer, faire le menage, effacer les traces ;)

    J'aime bien cette photo!

  8. Now I feel the need to tell what I like with this photo, :-):
    1. Perspective, it's what a mouse might see strolling the gutters in the morning of Jan 1st.
    2. Compositon, okay, I would have started with the green things on the left and would have left out the brown thing in the foreground, but the rest is okay to my eyes. Especially with the round things in the foreground and the square one in the right background.
    3. Focus on the prominent red and green things is good, left the yellow-black thing a litte bit blurry, but since this is so massive against the delicate rounder things that's fine.
    4. Colouring is realistic, not oversaturated. Dto. lighting. The frontlights of the car in the background give some extra twist.

    *substitute the appropriate word for "thing"* ;-)

    But I know, in the end it is all a matter of taste.

  9. New Year Party leftovers - and not the kind you can eat :) Great perspective

  10. Martina: Perhaps, I should say why I was a bit unhappy with the shot:

    1. The line of the gutter draws your eye away from the main topic, the fireworks.

    2. The bright yellow box draws your eye, but, annoyingly, it is just out of focus.

    Having seen the large version of this, I would probably have swapped the position of the firework at the front with the white and green one, and then I would have brought the focus more to the front, leaving the box as a background blur.

    Anreea: Thanks.

  11. Hm, interesting, isn't it? I try to see it with your eyes now, totally different view. Very interesting. (Even if I do not agree :-P)

  12. good work. im not even sure what that is, but it looks like fireworks.

  13. Very very good! I really like this photo! :)
    Happy new year!