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Celtic stone


  1. Beautiful colors, especially in the leaves covering the ground. Fall and winter are not my favorite seasons but I have to agree that sometimes they look great in photos.

  2. I am wondering if I really like plates to be attached to stones ... . The photo is really good in providing the texture and colour of the stone.

  3. Simply wonderful... also by concept. Merry Christmas en Happy New Year.

  4. Bist du den Wanderweg entlang?

  5. Nice place for a long walk after Christmas dinner!

  6. What makes it a celtic stone vs just any old stone? Love the mossy green.

  7. Thanks for the comments.

    Andreea: Mulţumesc.

    Martina: It would probably have been better to have left the stone in its Celtic state, but it did help me find the stone and the plate glints nicely in the sun.

    Fernando Lipina: Gracias.

    Frau G: Ich bin den Felsenweg entlanggegangen - wie der Wooki (Felsenwege St.Arnual).

    joo: Indeed.

    Cezar and Léia: Obrigado.

    Joan Elizabeth: I am not altogether sure what is so Celtic about it. The sign tells us of the remains of a Celtic fort that you can see along the hiking trail. Perhaps, this was just the biggest stone amongst the ruins.

  8. I like the moss growing on the stone. I wonder what makes it Celtic.