Slow train coming


  1. Are you visiting some sort of train museum here?

  2. esperemos que vaya muuuy muy despacio para que la proxima foto no salga con el lente cuarteado ;0)


  3. I'm sensing a pattern here in recent posts. Must be an old rail yard. Abandoned?

  4. Great perspective with the lines coming toward the viewer; I also like the colors, if the train was grey it would probably be a totally different effect.

  5. Very antiseptic in comparison with your usual fare. Even the straightness (?) of the lines is very perfect.

    Can perfect have a comparative?

  6. Thanks for the comments.

    Joan Elizabeth: It is in a very, very old ironworks. I will see if I can manage a précis of the history before I finish the series. Part of the area has been renovated and is now used for offices and housing. The part with this train is still a cable making factory. So I assume this train is still used.

    Sonia: El peligro no era tan grande. En realidad el train estaba parado y hubo una verja enorme de hierro en medio.

    Don and Krise: It is an old ironworks, now in the process of museumification. I will try to write a description later.

    Andreea: Splotches of red are always good in photos. I think there are several Flickr groups dedicated to this red-splotch theme.