so ugly it is pretty

They don't build them like this anymore

In amongst the gleaming new steel and glass around Sankt Wendel railway station lies this old building. It looks rather dilapidated and totally out of fashion. Does it deserve to be offered up to the wrecking ball?


  1. No please!!!! This building is so great.

  2. Took the photo while on the move? How did you get the building to tilt?

    Nicely done.

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  3. Keep the building!
    Even distroying all the past, we can't run away from our memories.

    Great post!

  4. Hola,

    Perdoname porque no sé de escribirte de Aleman ni ingles, lo siento, bueno te escrito por español, bueno ya acabo de ver tu blog, que esta bien y buen trabajo.

    Ah, muchas gracias por tu comentario en mi blog y tu seguidor en mi blog.


  5. Out of fashion is not a problem, but delapidted is. I like the style: the shapes, colours and materials are very pleasing. Was it a restaurant?

  6. Zeitgeist changes rapidly. Architecture styles come and go. I would rather keep it because it is a witness from a particular time period. Nice picture!

  7. It is an attractive building but somewhat worn and in a field of cement ... I doubt it will survive.

  8. I hate the wrecking ball! Old buildings have character, and most new building aren't worth the time it takes to stop and take a photo.

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  10. I like it very much! Hope it will be preserved.

  11. I vote NO! The building is a slice of the past and I'm sure someone somewhere can think of an appropriate way to use it.

  12. Hey people, I'm amazed to find a shot of this building as i "google around" ... I grew up in this town and found this building always pretty ugly.

    Looking back today, i have to admit it has the charme of the past and it would sure be a nice spot if taken care of.

    As far as i remind - and that's since the early 60ies - it had always been a kind of 'station bar/pub' for [male] early birds or late risers with everything a station ambience comprises :-(

    ... behind the small windows below is an urinal.