hydro-electric power station, red brick

The future: renewable energy

They definitely tried to make the most of the River Blies. Five kilometres away from the pottery mill in Sarreguemines is this old hydro-electric power station. In front of it, there is another friendship bridge, a footbridge connecting French Frauenberg with German Habkirchen.


  1. When the photo first came up I thought "Great, I love these old mills." A hydro plant though. Makes sense.

  2. Looks strange to me ... a building sitting in the water ... I guess I just don't come from a place where there are canals and such.

  3. coucou...
    oui les énergies du futur....il faudrait...
    la terre est puissante et les forces qui l'animent le sont aussi suffisamment pour fournir a l'humanité une grande part de ses besoins...il ne manque que la bonne volonté..:)
    un grand merci pour vos visites et vos gentils commentaires.... a bientot..

  4. que fortaleza de construccion, se ve impresionante.. el color del ladrillo me encanta!.

    un abrazo

  5. wow, great. Soon we will need that power station more than ever.