boat, fire engine, lock

Drama on the Saar

I occasionally feel like a journalist as I go around the city documenting it with photographs. When I took the photo above, I even beat the professionals to the scene.

A tourist boat (not 2009-08-30) began to belch smoke as it was making its way through Güdingen lock. A fire engine soon arrived, its siren clearing the  Sunday strollers from the footpath. Soon after, three more fire engines and several police cars turned up to crowd onto the narrow tow path. Above you can see the first, rather ancient, fire engine and the passengers evacuating the boat.

The next day in the paper, I read that the there had been a fire in the engine room, which the captain himself actually put out with a fire extinguisher.


  1. You should have sold the photo to a newspaper! :-)

  2. Happy Journalism! I know you must feel proud of yourself to be the first one to reach the scene :-)...

  3. Let's hope you dodn't bump into too many more burning boats!

  4. I'm glad no one was hurt! Hope you don't change your profession to become a famous disaster photographer now. *g*