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Old bridge, new bridge

The 500 year old Alte Brücke as seen through the arches of the modern Wilhelm-Heinrich Brücke


  1. With its perspective it is a little bit claustrophobic to me - like the new bridge ist going to fall on my head :-S

  2. I agree with Martina. This perspective makes you feel small.

  3. Beautiful Bridge and lovely shot !! This is a great post...Thanks for sharing..I am now your 70th Follower ..:)).Unseen Rajasthan

  4. It looks like a great walking path along the river. Cool perspective.

  5. me gusta mucho pasar bajo los puentes... se ven misteriosos!

  6. Thanks for the comments:

    Martina: It could, indeed, soon fall on your head. They are thinking of the knocking it down and rebuilding it as part of their grand vision of a city centre on the river (Stadtmitte am Fluss).

    Buenos Aires Photoblog: It is an imposing chunk of concrete. When they only had horses to worry about, they built them smaller.

    Unseen Rajasthan: Thanks.

    Don and Krise: A lot of the rivers in Northern Europe have such footpaths. They used to be tow-paths for the horses that dragged the boats along the river.

    Sonia: Si, y cada puente es un poco distincto.

  7. Hmm, and Saarbrücken is as broke as Mainz? ;-)