church, octogon

The old tower

Der alte Turm in Mettlach is one of the oldest religious buildings still standing in Saarland and is an emblem of the province. It was built in the period 990–994 in octogonal fashion to serve as the burial chapel of Saint Lutwinus, the founder of the monastery in Mettlach.


  1. superbe architecture....avec un beau ciel bleu...
    bonne journée..:)

  2. The age of buildings in your part of the world is very disconcerting ... we'd be flat out finding a 200 year old building.

  3. A building made for portrait mode! Beautiful!

  4. Amazing architecture! The building looks so well preserved! Fantastic.

  5. como si fuera de un cuento!!.. es preciosa este diseño... imagino que ha de ser muy frio por dentro... me gusta ese ambiente.
    preciosa imagen!

  6. Oh I love this - it reminded me of the Catholic church in Richmond in Tassie. People living in Europe are so lucky having so many fine old buildings.

  7. Amazing building - it's difficult to find something as old here!

  8. This building looks like it's going to be around for quite some time. I love it!

  9. Thanks for the comments.

    clo: Merci. C'est vrai. Le jour était parfait pour visiter la jolie ville de Mettlach.

    Joan Elizabeth: Yes, but you have your parakeets and other strange flora and fauna.

    RogerB: And I am not the only person to have taken pictures of this building. Five minutes later someone erected a tripod on the spot, where I took this shot.

    JM: It is a gem.

    Sonia: Gracias. A mi me gusta el diseño octogonal también. Su uso principal era de enterrarle a santo Lutwinus. Pienso que a él le importa menos el frío ahora.

    BlossomFlowerGirl: The octagonal form of this church makes it special, although not unique. It was modelled on the cathedral in Aachen.

    joo: Have I not seen mediaeval buildings in your blog? If not in Silesia, then in other places nearby.

    Don and Krise: Yes, I do not think it is going anywhere. The people of Saarland would not let it.