eerie lights

Where the ghost lives

On a more mundane note, is anyone having problems commenting in Blogger? I cannot post comments when the box is "embedded below post" with Firefox 3.5. Not even on my own blog.

By the way, the ghost in question is this one.


  1. interesante contraste... parece como un edificio fantasma.



  2. I would guess so. Cool eerie shot.

  3. I looks like a ghost with a big smile.

  4. This is so very cool!

    I also had problems yesterday. Blogger 'thought' I was a virus (LOL!) so I couldn't even open my blogs pages...

  5. Nicely done!
    Very original frame, not many will stop to capture this.
    Like a frame from a horror movie :)
    Love it!

  6. Like the spooky feeling of this one.

    I had problem yesterday, too! I couldn't open some Blogger sites. Today's fine though!

  7. AB, I always have "problems" commenting on your blog with the embedded form, the workaround is always simple: just trying a second time. Or a third time.
    I am not sure it's a browser issue, I am using different browsers on different machines depending where I am.

  8. Martina (and anybody who lands here from Google): My problems where due to Vodafone's UMTS service. By default, Vodafone compresses images, and perhaps HTML pages, that it transmits. There is a script to turn this compression off. With the script running my commenting problems go away.