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Simca in the rain

A French-registered, French-made car sitting on the rainy streets of Saarbrücken. It would appear to be a Simca P60 Aronde, a model that was manufactured in the period 1959-1964. Still waterproof after over 40 years?


  1. Cute! Looks lovely and neat - must be apple in her daddy's eyes!
    BTW, I admire your knowledge of languages - French, Spanish, German, Polish!!!!!
    Have a great week:)

  2. Et probablement encore quelques autres, Joo :) Sans parler de dialectes..

    Et la voiture - c'est la classe! Elle me fait penser a Hercule Poirot ;)

  3. Looks to be in great shape too. Nice photo.

  4. Classy car... Is it Oskar Lafontain's car?

  5. joo: My Polish is so far limited to “thank you” and “publish comment”. And even those words I have no idea how to pronounce.

    Ada: Quand je relis ce que j'ai écrit dans les articles et les commentaires de blogger, je me rends compte de que même ma langue maternelle je ne la maitrise pas.

    James: When I found out how old it was, I was impressed with the state it was in.

    Buenos Aires Photoblog: I hear Oskar Lafontaine has a house nearby, so it could well be.

  6. Hah ... just made the same comment on the earlier post!

    You say the Simca is French. It reminds me of something that was available in Australia during the same period.
    In 1954, SIMCA made another significant step forwards, in buying the unprofitable Poissy plant (and its products) from Ford France; Poissy made the Vedette, which soon became the SIMCA Vedette (although it remained badged as a Ford for some time after). The ex-Ford factory soon became SIMCA's principal production outlet, and in 1961, its original factory in Nanterre was sold to Citroën. When SIMCA bought Poissy, it set aside 15% of its shares for Ford, but Henry never took up the option; the shares were sold to Chrysler instead. In the spirit of collaboration, the company announced that its Aronde automobiles would be built under licence by Chrysler in Adelaide, Australia, tailored for the Australian market.

    End of quote from Wiki.

    My uncle had a red SIMCA in the late 50s early 60s when he was a soldier in the Australian army. I knew bells were ringing there somewhere!
    Here you go, from Wiki:

  7. Julie: Well, this Simca looks pretty classy. Your uncle must have had good taste.