White brewery in the sun

The Bruch family have been brewing beer in Saarbrücken since 1702. They have been located in the Scheidter Straße, seen in the photo, since 1899.


  1. This building is nicely renowated and the place looks superb. Do they brew good beer?
    Have a great week:)

  2. Brewery in the sun... wouldnt mind visiting there...

  3. you have an interesting place here.. i like the idea behind it. i'll be back :)

  4. joo: well, I am more of a wine drinker these days, but on a hot sunny day, in a leafy beer garden, their beer tastes delicious -- and their main variety has a wonderful name, Zwickel.

    Shaun: I think the brewery in the photo is not the place to be on a sunny day. But the brewery also owns the Tabakmühle (the tobacco mill), a nice restaurant with a beer garden in front of a lake. I would try that on a sunny day.

    Martina: yes ... beer ... Prost!

    romina: I am glad you found this place. Skinny Dippin' looks like an interesting place, too. Did you realise that Patricia Kaas was born in Stiring-Wendel, effectively a suburb of Saarbrücken, the town which is the main subject of this blog? She often plays here.

  5. I too am interested in the kind of beer they brew. I love German beer!

  6. That is the chicken: Brauerei G.A. Bruch - O lala, alle auf einmal! (O lala, all at once!): The two on the right you can forget - they are lemonade mixes. The Pils and Weizen (far left and middle) are boring - you can get the same-tasting beer from hundreds of producers. Festbock is a tasty, dark beer. SaarGold is a typical, simple beer with less hops than a Pils. That leaves two relative novelties: Landbier, a dark beer brewed to the original 1702 recipe, and Zwickel, a cloudy, yeasty beer and my personal favourite.